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Influencing Travel Behaviour Support for Businesses

Do you have high numbers of employees who travel to work by car? Do you want to try and reduce this number? Or to improve safety for those who drive, their passengers, or other road users including pedestrians and cyclists? Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour team can offer advice, activities, events and resources to […]

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The Puncture Fairy

I guess it was going to happen sooner or later. When it did, it was on a sweltering day, when I was at the bottom of a hill, my panniers heavy with shopping, some way still from home. Basically, I’d been cycling with my fingers in my ears. Not literally, of course – that would be unwise, […]

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Moving on to secondary School: A road safety guide for parents

For many children, starting secondary school is the time when they experience travelling independently for the first time. You and your child should know when they have the skills and are ready to travel independently and safely, and it is a good idea to start to think about your child’s new journey with them well […]

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Cycle Commuting Leading by Example

This blog takes a closer look at cycle commuting within Leeds City Council. We discuss how cycling has been embraced by some of its employees as we wanted to find out why people chose to cycle to work and what impact it has on their day.   Leeds, like many other leading cities, has ambitions […]

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Sharing the road – Looking out and giving space

Over recent years, and particularly since hosting the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014, we have seen a real boom in the number of cyclists in Leeds, both for leisure and commuting purposes. Cycling is increasingly seen as an affordable, convenient way to get around and recognised not only for the benefits […]