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Influencing Travel Behaviour Support for Businesses

Do you have high numbers of employees who travel to work by car? Do you want to try and reduce this number? Or to improve safety for those who drive, their passengers, or other road users including pedestrians and cyclists? Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour team can offer advice, activities, events and resources to […]

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Car Share

It’s Liftshare Week from 7-13th October 2019 Liftshare Week is a national initiative run by Liftshare to promote the benefits of sharing car journeys. This year the theme is all about the savings users can make by sharing their journey to work. The average regular sharer on the platform saves over £1000 per year in […]

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Influencing Travel Behaviour Summer 19 Newsletter for Schools

Issue 1 – Spring 2019 The Influencing Travel Behaviour Team (ITB) provides road safety  education and training to pupils, promotes sustainable travel and also helps schools to develop and implement their travel plans. Whats have we been up to in Leeds? Bike Friendly School Co-op Academy Priesthorpe is the first secondary school in West Yorkshire […]

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New fund announced to help Leeds organisations support sustainable travel

Leeds City Council has launched a £150,000 fund to help employers in Leeds support sustainable travel and reduce emissions. The scheme will help tackle air pollution and protect the health of everyone in Leeds by allocating grants to the best proposals submitted that will reduce the use of diesel or petrol vehicles amongst staff, service users or […]

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Cycle Commuting Leading by Example

This blog takes a closer look at cycle commuting within Leeds City Council. We discuss how cycling has been embraced by some of its employees as we wanted to find out why people chose to cycle to work and what impact it has on their day.   Leeds, like many other leading cities, has ambitions […]

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Clean Air Day (2018)

Clean Air Day We all keep hearing the words ‘Clean Air’ and ‘Clean Air Day’ being mentioned, but who really knows what it’s about? The ITB team will hopefully be able to provide the basics and give you some advice about how you can play your part in looking after the environment. Clean Air Day […]