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Christmas Drink /Drug Driving

Christmas Drink /Drug Driving If you’re old enough to drive then you should be aware of the reasons why drink or drug driving is not socially acceptable. Every year you will see an array of messages that highlight the reasons why you should not get behind the wheel under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. However, although great progress has been made over recent years, research shows that a small minority of people are still prepared to drink then drive.

Whilst the vast majority of us are decent people who believe ourselves to be safe and sensible behind the wheel, there are still some who believe that they are not affected by alcohol or drugs or that they won’t get caught. In Leeds last Christmas, 26 people were charged with drink/drug driving offences which, we are sad to report, is an increase of 11 from the 2016 festive period, highlighting the fact that the message is not getting to everyone.

This December, Leeds City Council’s Influencing Travel Behaviour (ITB) team want to drive home the message of not driving under the influence of drink or drugs. We have therefore put together a Christmas advent calendar with a difference. We want to help you make decisions around driving and the temptations that surround us at this time of year. The advent calendar contains links to useful webpages which will help you make a more informed decision when out and about this festive period.

Many drivers are caught out the morning after. Some have been caught out by just moving their car while others have lost their licence by sleeping in their car while drunk.

It’s easy to think that a few hours’ sleep will make all that alcohol in your system disappear, but whether you’re asleep or awake your body can only process things at a certain rate. Just how long that takes depends on many factors, including whether you’re male or female, your weight, how much booze you’ve had, how much and what you’ve eaten – and more.

Alcohol affects us all differently so there are no set rules as to what you can drink before driving to stay within the legal limit. The key thing is not to try to calculate if you’ve consumed enough to put you over the limit. It’s simply not worth the risk to yourself, your loved ones or other people who will be using the roads.

The consequences of drink driving are life changing.

If you want to know more about anything covered here, check out our advent calendar which is free to download. There are also some links to free online resources that’ll guide you through this festive period.

We’d suggest you check out:



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